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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Posted by on in Weekly Encouragement Notes
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It is my prayer that you have had a good week and are ready to be inspired and encouraged in your walk with Christ. 


We had our Community Thanksgiving Dinner this last weekend, and it went great! I have been a part of similar activities over the years and have always seen how beneficial and positive they can be. I am grateful that we were able to do this and am truly excited about reaching out to our neighbors and community members through this event. It is nice to be a part of something that shares kindness, love and a friendly hand. This is exactly what Jesus desires from all those who call Him Lord.


John 14 begins with the statement: “Let not your heart be troubled.” It is in these words I find my thoughts for this note. It would be the sense, if we only apply what we see on television, that the world has gone completely insane. Things are happening that are only supposed to be in the movies and are make-believe. They are not supposed to be real, it is supposed to be actors and it is all tricks, mirrors, make-up and in the end no one truly got hurt, it was all a show. However, so much of what we are witnessing is all too real. How do we process that? How do we see beyond the darkness?


We go back to these words from Christ: “Let not your heart be troubled.” While in our own emotions this is much easier said than done, it is also the best and indeed truest answer we can find. If we place our trust in Him and fully embrace that He really does have it under control, then we have to believe it will all work out somewhere along the way. I know from my own feelings, this is not always easy to accept. The heaviness I sometimes feel from what is reported, from what is heard about or even seen, it gets to me. My heart aches at times and I just wonder: how much worse will it get before God steps in? If we see it in medical terms, a cancerous cell, the hard to find internal issue, a clogged artery, what ever the case, these are items that are present, they are real, but they also have to be visible to know where to work on them, to know how to approach them and to see how big the problem is. 


The shameful things we see happening in our nation right now, while unpleasant to witness, they need to be seen in order for people to realize that they are truly there. It cannot be rumors and conspiracies, but rather it must be reality. Many people claim to have seen Bigfoot, but no one will really believe it unless they can produce one, show a real body with blood and bones and what have you. In other words, it has to be seen and not heard about. 


It is has been said that corruption, dirty tricks, and even evil has found a way to infiltrate our government and politics in general. In many ways it has become a running  joke. However, jokes are not funny when people get hurt. Jokes are not funny when lives are ruined and reputations destroyed. We sit and watch in shock and horror when we realize this is not some made-up boogeyman but rather it is real. We can hardly imagine that such could really take place. Friends, this is how it works. The angel of light, the one who can be anything, anytime, anywhere such is needed, he is the father of all lies. He has convinced more people to do vile things in the name and search of power, more than anyone ever in the course of history. 


We take it back to the Garden. Adam and Eve, we are told, had everything they could possibly need, everything. They had unlimited food supply, shelter, peace, they literally walked with God. The deceiver comes along and says “you can have more.” How do you get more when you already have everything? The seed was planted. A drop of doubt is all that was needed and once that seed began to grow, everything changed. 


It is difficult to see. It burdens me to my core. Arrogance, smirks, noses in the air, these all drive me crazy. We seem to be surrounded by it. There seems to be no escape, the world seems to be spinning out of control. But, we turn back to the Words of Jesus: “let not your heart be troubled” and realize that our full and total trust must be in Him and Him only. He has never forsaken nor forgotten us in the midst of all this stuff. I know at times we may feel that we are alone and have no hope for a better day, but then we also can see this as a reminder that our focus is in the wrong place and on the wrong things. Good will win! Evil will lose! May we never forget that. When Jesus said “it is finished” evil was dealt a knock out punch. Most sore losers try to stay around for a while. They become a pest, they tell everyone how wrong they were done. Some even go on tour and sell tickets to those willing to listen to their nonsense. Others go on television, when they can and try to build a case, but in the end of it all, they still lost. 


“Let not your heart be troubled” take this advice, take these words very literal and let the Lord direct you in the days ahead and even when the clouds are at their darkest, even when the winds are howling and the rains are pounding your ship, never forget He is there. The one who created the wind, the one who created the rain, He has never lost the power to tell them to stop. Evil gets a lot of attention today because so many are driven to find power, authority and recognition, but in the end it will have cost many their very souls and they will learn the hard way, it was not worth what it cost. The lesson of the rich man and Lazarus paints this picture very clearly. 


Go with God and you will never go wrong. 


Pastor Andy

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