It is April, can you believe that? The year is moving along quickly. We celebrate the resurrection this month. While typically recognized only once a year, we as believers, should be excited about it every single day. The impact this one event has on each of us is immeasurable. It is more than just the moment, it is more than the three days, it is more than “just a part of the Christian faith.” It is a promise made by God and it is a promise that was kept. God made a way that all who desire can be saved. God made a way that spending eternity with Him is a reality. 


We live in a world and in a time that it seems hard to believe anything we see or hear. We nearly laugh now at the phrase “fake news” but how sad is the reality of the truth  found in these two words? At one time we would have never questioned what was heard on the local or national news. I remember when I was a child the importance of the evening news. My parents would make sure to have on the local news to see what was going on around us and then it was was Walter Cronkite time. He was the trusted face of the news. If Walter said it, then certainly it had to be fact, it had to be the truth. Was it? I have no idea, but right now, nearly everything is called into question. It seems that at least with some networks, they do not even attempt to hide their bias or the dishonestly that is shared. 


We look at this and wonder what in the world is going on? We wonder “have we truly come to this point?” Are we at a place that brokenness and hurt are seen as normal? The answer is yes. However, none of this should be a surprise. The Bible tells us that as we near the end, families will be at odds. Brother against brother, sister against sister, children against their parents. We are told of enormous amounts of disruptions and corruption. We are seeing all of this right before our very eyes. God let us in on the fact that it was coming. What has brought this about? Honestly, it is very simple. Over time people have decided that they know more than God and therefore, He is no longer needed. Jesus, in the letter to the church at Laodecia, told them that one of the problems they had was the fact that they said “they had need for nothing.” In other words, they had it all figured out. 


One might think, “but how could this happen in the church?” I personally know of churches that do not use the Bible. They have deemed it old and outdated. Traditions and man-made doctrines have overtaken the truth of the Word and those things are followed rather than the ways of God. Rules and regulations have replaced truth and grace. “Do it our way” has replaced doing it God’s way. If we look at things with open eyes we can easily see why we are in the condition we are in. When there is no direction then there is only chaos. When there is no light, there only remains darkness. 


Yesterday we finished the series on invitations and it is no coincidence that the final invitation is “Come Lord Jesus Come.” As John would write the final words of the Book of Revelation, as he would have vision of all that is to come, all that is waiting, all that is promised, he could only feel an urgency. As we look around us today, we too should feel an urgency. This is not about being morbid and begging to die or suffer, but rather having come to the fact, embraced the truth that something better awaits us. We who have lived for a while, we have seen so many things come and go. We have witnessed the fads, we have seen the trends, we have heard the one hit wonder songs, and what they all share, what they all have in common is the fact that they do not last but for a period of time. When they are done, the next thing moves in. People tend to follow right along, be it good or bad.


Right now it is popular to hate a political figure. What does this cause? It causes division. While some can find no true reason to hate, they also do not want to be left out of the crowd, so they blindly follow along. Others see this as foolish so they automatically are on the other side. Now we have two teams and as the bitterness starts to grow then it becomes much more than a rivalry and takes a turn toward something dangerous. We see people getting hurt, we see people getting killed. We step back and ask: is this really happening? Sadly the answer is yes and it goes right back to the same problem as all the rest: trying to do things without God. Any time we leave Him out of the equation, disaster becomes the result. This is in life, work, relationships, finances, etc… He must be Lord of all or not Lord at all. As John would write “come Lord Jesus come” we get a sense of his heart. He not only wants to be with Jesus, but we can also see that he understands something very important: Jesus is the only One who can fix this mess that we have created.  


May our prayer also be Come Lord Jesus Come. We are not looking for an end to life, but rather we desire to have life and it abundantly and such can only come through Him.


Until we meet again,


Pastor Andy