Of course the talk, as of late, has been the bitter cold. Indeed such can be a challenge and in some cases truly difficult to deal with. I am not a fan of extreme cold, however, it is also not only geographic in nature, but unstoppable. In other words, God is over nature and we do not control that. I know some are attempting to and in some realms studies are being done on a daily basis as to how to create or stop weather. I, for one, do not believe that such will be accomplished in total. Wind, rain, snow, hot, cold, these are the seasons, the elements, but whatever the case, and at the end of the day, we all learn to deal with it. 


The idea on my mind today is the goodness of God. We live in a vile world at times. We see things that truly are sad and in many cases disappointing. As it comes to people, I believe that conditions are getting worse by the minute. I have never seen people treat each other any worse than I am seeing right now. We have lost the element of respect and the gloves are off. It is a street brawl for nearly everything that we see taking place. It is overtaken politics, sports, and in many cases has harmed or at least hindered the church. 


Where is God in all of this? The true answer is that He is where He has always been, on the throne. He has never lost control, He has never abdicated His place, He has not quit. Free will is a powerful agency. We look back at the Garden. We not only see a picture of paradise, we see a place of peace, a place of fulfillment, we see a place created to give a picture of how complete one can be with God as the center piece. If we get the story then we understand how freewill and humanity disrupted everything with one act of disobedience. We must understand that Adam and Eve had everything they needed and everything they could want. God left nothing out. They had food, shelter, love, joy, peace, relation, it was all there. Then we see the enemy enter the picture and plant a seed of doubt. He tells them while it appears that you have everything, I am here to tell you that you can have more. Think about that for a minute. You have everything, but you can have more. The principle of greed, the idea of never being satisfied, and always seeking ways to obtain more, even when it is not needed. 


This seed began to grow, doubt began to set it and the question raced to the forefront of every thought. Is there more? Could that be possible? And with one act of disobedience everything was shattered. From that moment, humanity would never be the same. From that moment it was all changed and greed, pride, selfishness, all of these created issues for every generation that would come. Today, in 2019, it is still present and maybe even stronger. However, none of this, nothing about this, has anything to do with or is truly able to call to question the goodness of God. God is good and it is all the time. If He ceases to be good then our faith is void. We are called to worship one who is fickle. We are not called to worship one who has the occasional mood. No! We are called to worship one that is love, one that is good, in fact the only one that can make such a claim.


We simply are viewing, witnessing humanity at its worst. We seeing what freewill allows for. God gives us the ability to choose. Recently the freedom to choose has once again become a hot topic in the world of abortion. Everyone has their view on this subject. However, the lawmakers of New York went to the extreme, again the product of freewill. They determined that up to the point of birth, that a baby can be eliminated, or in other words murdered. Does this act of horror, does this awful ruling, does it call to question God’s goodness? No, it simply shows what humanity without God is capable of. 


If we read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, we not only see the vile lifestyles of others, but we see the devolving nature of one when they forgo God and turn completely to self. The folks there were not only intent on doing as they pleased, but had no shame about it. In fact, they desired in some ways for others to witness their actions. This is pride at its worst. We are close to if not in the very same realm in our world today. But, God remains good. 


As followers, as believers, we need something to hang onto in this wicked time in which we are living. I believe that needs to be the goodness of God. He is always there and He is hearing every prayer. He remains faithful and true. I know there are times it is difficult. I struggle too at times, but I know He still has things under control and one day we are going to witness something that words will not be able to describe. Jesus promised to return and that promise will be fulfilled. What a day that will be. 


To end this with a wonderful story, I would like to share something with you. Last week in North Carolina, a little 3 year old boy went missing. It was in the 20’s and little chance was given after three days of finding him alive. The search was abandoned and the family told the tragic news. When all hope seemed lost, a hiker in the woods heard the cries of a child. He looked at saw this little fellow caught in some briars and vines. He was totally fine. He was wet and tired but seemed ok, beyond the obvious desire to go home. After being returned to his family, the little boy was questioned as to how he survived the cold and the elements for three days. He simply replied: a bear took care of me and kept me warm. My friends: GOD IS GOOD!!!


Pastor Andy