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Our Fatherly Example

Posted by on in Weekly Encouragement Notes
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Good morning, and for all it applies to, I hope you had a wonderful Fathers Day! It is a joy to be with you. I hope that all of you have had a great week so far. I am glad to be here today and honored to share the Message the Lord has given me. 


Of all the jobs I have held in my lifetime, none have been as rewarding, as difficult, as joyful, as heartbreaking as the job of being a dad. Every emotion that exists tends to find its way into the life of a father. If you take the role of being a dad serious, there are guarantees that come with it and one of them is: it is gonna be tough. I am not saying that it is all the time, but indeed it’s real.


We see the role of the father downplayed in the world, especially on television or movies. There was a time that shows like “Father know best” or the “Andy Griffith Show” were the most popular things on television and the role of the father was the key element. It was featured, it was shown very clearly the influence and importance the father played in their child’s life. Today we see dad is often shown as stupid or incapable of doing anything, but maybe holding a job. I personally resent this portrayal because I can cook and yes, if needed, I can clean a toilet too! 


God takes serious the role of father’s. He Himself is our Heavenly Father. He looks after, He provides, He loves, He protects, He teaches. All of these sound like important parts of the job and indeed they are. I realize that life gets busy, sometimes too busy. I know work and responsibilities take up time and seem to get in the way of simple things like a board game or reading a book or helping with homework or tossing a ball, but these are moments that cannot be replaced and if there is anyway at all, they should not be missed out on. 


My dad was the hardest worker I have ever known. In many ways you could say he has worked himself to death, as now his body and health are failing him more and more due to all the years of tremendously hard labor. As the years have gone by, I have found myself looking back on time with my dad. I am grateful for all I learned by watching him over the years and the true example of what hard work really means. I am thankful I still have him with me. 


While a hug seems like a simple gesture, it is a very personal one too. It can change a persons whole day. To feel the embrace of another person and be able to also feel that they really care, that is an important moment in life. To never have this, to never feel love from another person, to never be told, to never feel affection, these are vital to our outlook on some many parts of life. As parents, we must understand, if we want our children to see things, learn things, do things in a way that will improve the quality of their lives then we should be the ones to teach them. Because if not, then surely someone else will and that is certainly not always a good thing.


Our world has become increasingly vile. Evil does exist. Bad things are real. Shameful things are real. It is dangerous in some cases. It is not a great time for one to live by the old “school of hard knocks” type of growing up. What kids need today is parents who care. They need parents who will take time to read a book, put a puzzle together, make a paper airplane, go for a walk, ride a bike, and tell them the truth about life. Do not leave them on their own to learn it the hard way. I know what that is like and it is not a great way to learn. We can look back and say we have experience now, but at what cost?


Learning to love is a key component in life. Indeed, it is a learned action and yes, love is an action not an emotion. Love gives, love let’s go, love is real. It is not a mere fuzzy moment that fades, it is something that can easily be confused with emotion and butterflies in the stomach, but real love is something much deeper and something we must be taught. As parents this is a huge part of something we should show our kids as well as pass down to them. They need to understand affection, feelings, love, and all that stuff. But, they also need to know what is real and how that looks. 


The example we have is the love of God. He loves us so much He gave Jesus. This level of love is hard to comprehend. It is hard to wrap our minds around. This level of love, this real love is something we so rarely see on display. Everything today is moment by moment and hardly ever a long term situation. God desires real love, this is why we have free will. He offers love to us and does not force our love in return. It is our heart, it is our understanding, it is our realization that what we have been given is real, this is what helps develop our love for Him, our desire to love and be loved. 


On this father’s day, regardless of what type you have or had or are, be mindful of our Heavenly Father and know how much He loves you and that relationship is what He desires the most with you. Let Him shape and mold you into being the man (parent) He has called you to be. 


For all of us here today, may we too never lose sight of the fact that God loves us beyond anything we could ever imagine. We are blessed beyond measure. It is my prayer that as we grow in Him, our love for each other will expand to levels we have never known. I truly look forward to the days ahead. 


Have a wonderful week and please know I am only a call or visit away. 



Pastor Andy 

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