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'Tis The Season - To Be Nice

Posted by on in Weekly Encouragement Notes
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It is December. Another year has nearly been completed. What a year it has been. So many things have happened and in fact, continue to happen on what seems to be a daily basis. Some of it is hard to witness, some of it is hard to believe. There are times that it truly bothers me and times that I just shake my head. 


I have often said that we need to find the off button a little more often these days. I am finding that to be more and more necessary. It is just too much to handle at times. It is truly sad how people treat each other and the arrogance that seems to beam from each incident. There is rarely sympathy, empathy, or general cares given anymore. 


I am writing this as news? No, we all know it. Am I writing this as a focus on negativity? No, it is simple fact and is the basis for my point. We are told that as time moves closer to the return of Christ that the love of many would grow cold. We are told of a return to the days of Noah and a time of lawlessness. What exactly does that mean?


The days of Noah are often characterized as a time of great immorality. While indeed there were many who were involved in things that were not decent or moral, even greater was the problem of pride. The arrogance of most at that time, was what drove nearly every issue. One of the greatest issues was not listening to truth. They simply did not want to be told anything but what they wanted to hear, and if something was contrary to what they wanted they rejected it. This began to grow. Lawlessness began to rise. It was not that laws did not exist, they simply ignored them and basically dared anyone to do anything about it. 


Fast forward to 2018, could be describe our times in similar fashion? I think, if we are honest, the answer has to be yes. We are seeing it unfold right before our very eyes. It takes place in the government, in the schools, in the church, there is nowhere that is exempt. Pride, we are told in Proverbs 16:18 that pride goes before destruction. What does that mean? Arrogance is blinding. In other words, one only sees what they want to and ignore the charging bull that is right in front of them because they refuse to believe that it can happen. 


The arrogant spirit of many has caused nearly an epidemic of blindness. It is one thing to actually be blind and physically not be able to see, but to be blind on purpose is a completely different issue. Nearly the entire group of issues we see facing our nation right now is rooted in this issue. Arrogance, pride, ego, however you want to label it, these have become all too real and when left unchecked, they become a serious problem, in fact, they become a detriment to our nation. 


In the days of Noah, much was the same. The attitude of “I will do whatever I want, whenever I want and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.” It was a bully type mentality. It was arrogant in the sense of being blatant in rejection of truth and instead persisting with no thought of consequence. We see the very same things happening here in this modern age in which we are living. 


The argument of what a person is has gone to levels that most of us could have never imagined. The Bible says that “God created them male and female” that is about as clear as one could get. However, in arrogance, we see many challenge this or somehow say God is wrong and I can be whatever I want. A doctor’s report recently came out and said that a study of young people who are taking drugs, hormones, chemicals to stop natural functions of the body, and allowed to do so by their parents, the report found that 85% of these kids end up committing suicide. We do not hear this on the news, but rather what we hear is that such things should be encouraged, celebrated, coddled and made normal. In no way do I promote the idea of treating anyone in a wrong manner or even rejecting someone, but at the same time we need to love people enough to tell them the truth. 


This is how much God loves us. He tells us that sin places a barrier between us and Him and He does not like that. He wants a closer relationship, He wants it to be real. He loves us enough to let us know that He can and in fact will remove that barrier and has made that possible through the payment for sin on the Cross by Jesus. This is not saying “well I know you can’t help it, you just need a hug or here take this pill and become what you identify with” no this is God telling us what we need to hear and not what we want to hear. 


If I go to the doctor and have cancer, I do not want to hear that, but I need to hear it. I do not want to be told I have the sniffles or a sore toe, if that is not the problem. Noah told the people of his day that God said it was going to rain. They rejected that truth. They laughed, they mocked, they ignored and it cost them their lives. We are quickly returning to such a place in attitude, in reasoning and in arrogance. This, however, does not change the fact that Jesus has made a promise to return. 


As we enter this holiday season, take time to reflect on His blessings and give Him thanks. I believe one of the greatest ways we say thank you is by how we treat what we have been blessed with and how we treat each other. Unlike Santa, Jesus really is watching and sees exactly what we are doing. Are you naughty or nice?


Merry Christmas!


Pastor Andy



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